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Guatemala – M.R.

M.R., a student who finished #2 in country-wide student testing, became involved in student protests while studying mathematics at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, in Guatemala City. Because of his student activities, M.R. began receiving death threats the end of his last semester in college. M. R. finished university and graduated by always sleeping in different locations and disguising himself while at school. Within days of graduating from university, a high-ranking military officer warned M.R.’s father that his son’s name was on a death list. M.R. fled for his life. He traveled by train through Mexico and crossed the U.S. border on foot.

M.R. retained our services in 2006 after being put into deportation proceedings. We prepared and filed an extensive legal brief and Asylum petition package on his behalf. Today, M.R. is a United States Citizen, married with two lovely daughters.

Iran – G.D.

Under Iranian law today, homosexuals are flogged, tortured and executed because they are homosexual. In 2011, two boys ages 14 and 15 were publically hanged in Iran because they were adjudged to be homosexual.

G.D. fled Iran in fear for his life because he is homosexual and was being hunted down by the Basij.

The Basij is a paramilitary volunteer militia established in 1979 by order of the Islamic Revolution’s leader Ayatollah Khomeini. The Basij are the “moral” enforcers of the ruling clerical elite – they are the “morality police” in towns and cities across Iran.

Before seeking our council and representation, G.D. had applied for Asylum on his own. His application was denied and his case was sent to Immigration Court for possible deportation. We were retained shortly thereafter. We spent many hours researching the reality of life as a homosexual in Ian and the law in Iran. We drafted an extensive legal brief in support of the granting of Asylum and provided numerous documents in support of our argument. The Immigration Judge granted the asylum petition of G.D.

For the first time in his entire life, G.D. is now able to live his life without fear of being tortured and executed because of his sexual orientation.

Afghanistan – M.M.

An ex-mujahideen who owned a local TV station in Kabul, illegally downloaded and televised a documentary film that was being transferred by satellite internationally. The documentary explored the life of women in Afghanistan – the daily repression, abuse and subjugation and the lack of legal protection afforded these women. The film was made by M.M., a very talented young Afghan journalist, who is female. Shortly after the film was televised, the young journalist began receiving death threats. The most frightening threat came in the form of a letter from the Taliban. The letter told her that she and her family would be brutally killed because of the film she made.

M.M. and her family were able to escape Kabul and obtain visas to enter the United States with the help of several international groups. Within four weeks of M.M. and her family leaving Afghanistan, the Taliban assassinated two female journalists in their own homes. One of the women was killed in front of her two young sons.

We were introduced to this young family by mutual friends. We prepared and filed an extensive affirmative Asylum application with USCIS. The application was granted. This family now has legal permanent resident status and is filing for U.S. Citizenship.

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