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Los Angeles employment immigration lawyer Patricia Depew successfully represents employers who hire or seek to hire foreign professionals to work in the United States. She is committed to assisting businesses who want to sponsor qualified foreign workers. To recruit and employ foreign nationals, employers must obtain a proper visa. Employers most frequently use the H-1B, L, and TN visas. Patricia Depew can assess your particular situation and determine the proper visa to fit your hiring needs.

H-1B visas go to foreign nationals in specialty occupations, in jobs related to the Defense Department, or in jobs that call for “exceptional” talents or skills. To qualify, a prospective employer must make a job offer for a position requiring a bachelor's degree or its equivalent (or higher) and current appropriate licenses. (Fashion models are exempt from the degree requirement but must demonstrate “distinguished merit and ability.”) H-1B visas also require employers to file an approved Labor Certification Application with the Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. L-1 visas permit U.S.-based employers to transfer managers, executives, or specialists in the same company, and TN visas allow Mexican and Canadian professionals into the U.S. for short-term business trips.

Innovative Solutions for Employment Immigration

If your business is sponsoring a foreign employee, Pasadena employment immigration lawyer Patricia Depew is here to help you. Ms. Depew has successfully handled a variety of cases involving employment-based visas, helping multinational employers and foreign workers and finding innovative solutions to numerous employment immigration-related legal problems. She successfully represents clients first by assuring that they are thoroughly informed with sound, accurate legal advice; she then works closely with her clients, helping them to make the choices that are in their long-term best interests. Patricia Depew is an experienced California employment immigration lawyer who will provide honest legal advice and, should you need it, aggressive legal representation.

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Ms. Depew's comprehensive immigration practice includes representation for business and employment immigration and investment visas. She conscientiously strives to stay abreast of the latest developments in the ever-evolving field of employment  immigration law. Ms. Depew provides legal guidance to her clients in all matters relating to employment immigration and naturalization, visas, citizenship, and employment. She has extensive experience in deportation defense, cancellation of removal, immigration for same-sex partners, family visas, K-1 fiancée visas, V visas, adjustment of status, investor visas, asylum and VAWA. Additionally, she offers a genuinely comfortable, professional environment for her clients to discuss their legal needs and concerns. Patricia Depew represents clients throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley region, and the surrounding areas. Arrange for a consultation by calling her office today at 310-284-8494. Se Habla Español.

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