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    Patricia S. Depew is one of the best lawyers I have ever utilized for my legal matters. Her professionalism and caring demeanor alleviated an overabundance amount of stress that was experiencing with my unique immigration issue. I would r...
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    Patricia DePew is extremely knowledgeable in the field of bankruptcy. She is also available for questions; returns calls in a timely manner and is a calming influence. Our experience with her and her staff was second to none.

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    Working with this lawyer was good and i would recommend her to people who really want the quickest result of their case.

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Over 19 Years of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Experience!

los angeles chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer

One of the leading motives for any bankruptcy filing is to eliminate particular debts so that you can enjoy a fresh financial start. To make sure that you are eligible for Chapter 7, and to assure that you file properly and accurately, you’ll want to retain the services of an experienced California bankruptcy attorney. Chapter 7 is most typically filed by persons without significant property, income, or assets. Unlike a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will require no repayment plan and will result in a discharge of most (but perhaps not all) of your debts. Both individuals and married couples may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

To file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’ll have to prove to the court that you qualify for the debt relief Chapter 7 provides. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, certain debts will be eligible for discharge and others will be ineligible. Assets such as a 401k or an individual retirement account are usually exempted; your vehicle, home, and personal items are usually also exempted. In California, because so many various applications, forms, rules, and procedures are involved in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, it is always wisest to retain the services of an experienced Los Angeles, California Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer when you file for bankruptcy.

Get Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Legal Help Now!

If you’re thinking about bankruptcy, get help now from a good Pasadena, California bankruptcy lawyer, before your financial situation deteriorates further. Usually there are several warning signs or “red flags” that your financial situation may require your filing for bankruptcy. After consulting with a good Los Angeles, California bankruptcy lawyer, should you decide that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option, the work should begin immediately. First, in the proper court, you’ll file a petition that must include:

A complete record of all of your monthly living expenses
Your employer’s name and location and the amount of your income
Your creditors’ names and how much you owe them

Patricia Depew wants her bankruptcy clients to understand fully the Chapter 7 bankruptcy procedure and what it will require. She is an experienced California Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer who will successfully guide you through Chapter 7 proceedings toward whatever personal and financial goals you hope to achieve. Ms. Depew knows the pressures and stresses that clients can experience when they are being dogged by bill collectors and collection agencies. She also knows the rewards of seeing hard-working, honest people get a genuine opportunity to start afresh and build a new future.

Hire an Experienced Los Angeles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Los Angeles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Additionally, Patricia Depew provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for clients to discuss their Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. She will move you quickly beyond legal rhetoric to the core of whatever legal matter you face, and will save you from wasting time, financial resources, or emotional anxiety. Call Patricia Depew today at 310-284-8494. Se Habla Español.

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