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  • 5.0/5.0

    Patricia S. Depew is one of the best lawyers I have ever utilized for my legal matters. Her professionalism and caring demeanor alleviated an overabundance amount of stress that was experiencing with my unique immigration issue. I would r...
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    — Client

  • 5.0/5.0

    Patricia DePew is extremely knowledgeable in the field of bankruptcy. She is also available for questions; returns calls in a timely manner and is a calming influence. Our experience with her and her staff was second to none.

    — Client

  • 4.0/5.0

    Working with this lawyer was good and i would recommend her to people who really want the quickest result of their case.

    — Client

Over 19 Years of Business Bankruptcy Experience!

los angeles business bankruptcy Attorney

Experienced Los Angeles business
bankruptcy attorney
Patricia Depew represents businesses in financial distress and helps them to restructure their debts. To effectively represent those
businesses in financial trouble, an attorney must be both an excellent litigator and negotiator and also must have an in-depth understanding of what can be accomplished
through the bankruptcy process.

Ms. Depew seeks to help companies avoid bankruptcy by working out payment plans or other appropriate financial arrangements. This helps the company avoid the legal fees that are inevitable in a bankruptcy filing. When bankruptcy emerges as the best option for a company, Ms. Depew helps with the restructuring of the company’s debts and obligations. Patricia Depew is an experienced California bankruptcy attorney who has negotiated innumerable plans of reorganization, assets sales, and settlements with creditors. She has considerable expertise in counseling companies that are experiencing financial difficulties.

Diligence and Dedication in Business Bankruptcy Cases

Attorney Patricia Depew works with diligence and dedication to stay abreast of the latest developments in the complex area of bankruptcy law. Her analysis, preparation, and sound advice will make the law work for you. Ms. Depew first presents clients with the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of bankruptcy. Then, based on an analysis of their specific financial situation, she works with clients to develop the best legal strategy. Often a business bankruptcy involves selling off properties, terminating leases, and paying creditors a percentage of their debt over time. Patricia Depew makes sure that her bankruptcy clients understand fully the bankruptcy process and its requirements. She will guide you through bankruptcy proceedings toward whatever business and financial goals you hope to achieve.

A bankruptcy plan is the primary element in any petition for a business bankruptcy. It prioritizes payments, specifies which creditors will be paid, and entirely reorganizes the company’s financial and business affairs. Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult and often less-than-desirable choice, but the failure to act can generate its own undesirable consequences. Ms. Depew, a business bankruptcy attorney, will help you accurately prepare and file your business bankruptcy petition and plan, help you with implementation, and represent you in court if any legal action against you is taken by creditors.

Only Trust an Experienced Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Los Angeles Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Patricia Depew represents clients throughout Pasadena, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley region, and the surrounding areas. She is committed to protecting the client in business bankruptcy filings. In a business bankruptcy, you’ll want an attorney who handles your case personally rather than a firm where no one knows your name and you become just another case number. Ms. Depew also provides a welcoming, comfortable environment for clients to discuss their legal needs. She will move you quickly beyond legal rhetoric to the core of the legal matter you face, and save you from wasting time and resources. Call today at 310-284-8494. Se Habla Español.

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