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los angeles chapter 13 bankruptcy AttorneyChapter 13 is designed to provide you with a fresh beginning if you are unable any longer to pay your creditors what you owe them. Chapter 13 requires those who file for bankruptcy to design a payment plan to satisfy all or part of their debts, usually in a time period of three to five years. Chapter 13 also mandates that petitioners receive debt counseling before submitting a payment plan. To make sure that you are eligible for Chapter 13, and to guarantee that you file properly and correctly, you’ll want to have an experienced California Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney working for you. Chapter 13 usually allows you to retain your home and vehicles while you make payments on your debt. In some instances, Chapter 13 will also allow you to reschedule debts and to pay them in accordance with a realistic, court-approved payment plan. Chapter 13 offers precisely the financial relief that many people need.

If you are considering bankruptcy, get advice promptly from a good Pasadena bankruptcy lawyer, before your finances deteriorate further. For many, a fresh financial beginning may be well worth the effort of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, despite the complexity of the bankruptcy regulations and procedures. With the help of an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney to guide you, you may be able to achieve important personal financial goals through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Patricia Depew wants her Chapter 13 clients to understand fully the bankruptcy process. Ms. Depew is an experienced California Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who knows what pressures clients face when dealing with overwhelming debts and aggressive bill collectors. She helps hard-working, honest people get a chance to start anew and to create a better future for themselves and their families.

The Chapter 13 Process

A petition to the court initiates the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. The court requires full documentation and disclosure of your liabilities and assets, your income and expenses, a statement of your financial affairs, and other in-depth information. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will make certain that you meet all of the requirements for Chapter 13 and that you can prove it to the court. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California, the debt repayment plan is usually the key element; a good California Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can almost always help you to structure a realistic payment plan that both satisfies your creditors and also helps you to move toward your own financial goals.

Hire a Trusted Los Angeles Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Today!

Los Angeles Chapter 13 Bankruptcy AttorneyIf you are unable to pay your debts, and if you would like to work toward a new financial beginning, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the legal option you need. An experienced California bankruptcy attorney, Patricia Depew provides personal legal counseling and a friendly, comfortable environment for clients to discuss their Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. She can save you from wasting time, finances, and emotional distress. Call Patricia Depew today at 310-284-8494. Se Habla Español.

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